Privacy Policy


Shigen, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers who use our websites operated.
The Company to provide services, personal information about you (the "Personal Information") and must collect. We protect the privacy of personal information in order to keep a secret, you now taking a variety of means.
We respect your privacy.
We have the following: I will not participate at all.
You can trade your personal information, or exchange, or otherwise abuse it.

By donating the use of personal information to this website, you will have to accept about the handling of personal information is described in this privacy policy, approved.

The purpose of the collection of personal information

Your personal information gathered from the following purposes.

  • To use the services provided to our customers.
  • To inform and accurate information for your customers new products and services.
  • To make contact with you if necessary.

Disclosure of personal information

In the following cases, without our prior consent and may disclose your personal information.
Police and courts, government agencies and other subpoena, warrant, if requested by such instructions, a person's life, body or if there is a need for the protection of property, it is difficult to obtain consent when it is.

Personal Information Management

Your personal information, as well as our right to manage the leakage, loss, we pay maximum attention to prevent the damage.
In addition, we are providing better services to customers, outside contractors are recognized properly handle personal information entrusted to some of the handling of personal information.
Contractors will use personal information to the extent necessary to perform the work entrusted Affairs.
In this case, we contract the proper handling of personal information between the contractors, will require appropriate management.

How to coach employees

The importance of protecting personal information we make timely and appropriate education or regular.
Also, when we manage personal information, place the management representative, and appropriate management to strive to prevent leakage to the outside.
In addition, unauthorized access from outside, such as the risk of tampering, safety measures and proper and reasonable, is committed to protecting your personal information.
For access to databases and other information relating to individuals, those with limited access and strict controls to prevent improper use is made in-house.


Use of personal information in the link is not our idea of privacy is done in accordance with its Privacy Policy link.

Revisions to this Privacy

We have to improve customer services, revise the content of these items will continue to improve.
To change this book, we will post those changes on this website.
By the latest site privacy statement, you can learn how to gather information and privacy is always used.
We thank you that is sure to regularly check.
Also, if you use the information in a manner different from what he said at the time the initial information is collected, we will contact you by email or posted on this website.
Right to choose whether to use the best information in a manner different from the beginning of this website, our customers have.